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Men’s Sex Life Restored by Local Doctors

Local Doctors Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Las Vegas Review-Journal4 Mar 2022BY TOM YEAGER Men’s Health Consultant

LAS VEGAS – A team of physicians are part of a new medical clinic that opened offices in Las Vegas recently to serve patients; specializing in one unique niche – sexual performance.

blood pressure, prostate cancer and surgery, you name it and we’ve treated them. Regardless of age or medical history, our results every day are amazing.”

Erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation have long been a problem for millions of men nationwide. In spite of the popularity of recent medications such as Viagra, Levitra and Cialis, many men either are not helped by these medications or cannot take them due to medical conditions and adverse side effects. The recent craze of shockwave therapy is still unproven and considered experimental, and ineffective for older men.

I.G.W. Center

is staffed with state-licensed local physicians. “We successfully help almost every patient we see,” says Dr. Augustine Mireku-boatang, renowned Board-certified Urologist and the clinic’s Medical Advisor, “and we’ve treated men from as young as 21 to as old as 96. Men with diabetes, bypass surgery, heart conditions, high

All medications are FDA approved, safe and custom-blended from 187 formulas by a licensed pharmacy, not available at the corner drug store. Doctors can adjust the dosage for a man’s performance to 45 minutes, an hour, or 90 minutes, and the clinic offers a simple guarantee: If you don’t respond to the medication in one visit, it’s free. With that guarantee, local patients have nothing to lose.

I.G.W. Center books appointments far in advance but occasionally can accommodate someone quickly. Patients are assured of utmost privacy and professionalism. A ladies’ treatment is also available using medication made popular by a famous Hollywood actress.